Beautiful Evening for the Cobourg Collegiate Institute Prom Parade

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Editorial – The Cobourg Collegiate Institute Prom Parade carried on without a hitch on Friday, June 10, 2022 in Cobourg.

The theme of the prom was Studio 54, but in all likelihood for what parents and students have been put through the past years and weeks it could have easily have been called Perseverance.

COVID has put everyone through hell the past few years.

The past few weeks was another struggle to actually have a prom parade when the school cancelled it.

Initially parents thought it was cancelled once again due to COVID, but when St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in Cobourg held their prom parade a few weeks ago, the fight was on for parents and students to right a wrong – and they did.

Throughout it all, the principal remained quiet and did not offer a comment to media.

But he couldn’t help but here the voices of parents as they called for the reinstatement of the parade and to make it happen.

The group of prom goers and their vehicles filled up the Donegon Park parking lot on D’Arcy Street.

Sharply at 5 p.m. the parade of vehicles headed up D’Arcy Street and east on King Street for the prom attendees to be dropped off in front of proud family members and friends. A short walk up the red carpet and each guest was announced.

It was one of those priceless moments to take in for anyone that knew the students.

Smiling faces. Lots of proud, smiling faces. After years of what we’ve gone through it was such a beautiful evening all the way around.

There is no way it would have been the same without the parade.

It didn’t matter if it was a sports car or a beat-up truck. It was smiles from start to finish. Prom guests (and a driver) were even dancing to Taylor Swift in their vehicle while waiting along the parade route.

Thanks should also go to the teachers and staff who I’m told came forward when there weren’t enough parents to help out along the route.

What usually happens along the route, happened once again. With all the vehicles having to much idle time, the vehicles get hot, and sometimes overheat.

That happened to one vintage car just as it rounded the corner and started to head east on King Street.

Steam came from under the hood and the owner of the vehicle got out and lifted the hood. It looked like it was done for the evening.

Speaking to the couple who waited in the car and hoped for the best they said, “it happens” and shrugged off what had happened.  They were still excited about the prom.  Even if the car didn’t make it. They would.

But through “Perseverance” good luck, and letting the car sit for awhile, the couple made it to the red carpet. They were the last couple to have their names announced before heading off to the Cobourg Community Centre for their prom. Their smiles were just as wide and the parents were just as proud. They didn’t give up.

The car and the fight for the prom parade said a lot about what’s ahead for the graduates about life.

Have goals in life. Believe in them. Pick your battles, but if you feel passionate about it, do what you can to right a wrong. If it doesn’t go your way and sometimes life won’t. Stick with it – be patient and more times than not that passion (or car) will get you to the finish, and you’ll have that proud moment to hold your head high, smile like the world is yours and walk the red carpet.

Congrats to everyone for making it happen!

(For those interested, the prom parade took exactly 1 hour and 26-minutes to complete. Not 3-4 hours as originally stated)

Pete Fisher
Author: Pete Fisher

Has been a photojournalist for over 30-years and have been honoured to win numerous awards for photography and writing over the years. Best selling author for the book Highway of Heroes - True Patriot Love

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