Video – Woman Struck Numerous Times at Cobourg Dog Park

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A Cobourg woman is recovering after allegedly being struck numerous times at the Cobourg Dog Park over the weekend.

Today’s Northumberland will not be using the woman or her friend’s real name, but the woman did agree to show a photo of her injuries.

Deb (not her real name) is 50-years-old and has been taking her Golden Retriever/Husky mix to the Cobourg Dog Park on Ontario Street every day she got the dog when it was seven-months old.

It’s now two-years-old.

Deb was taken to the hospital after she was allegedly punched in the face several times and knocked to the ground on Saturday at approximately 4:30 p.m.

On Monday, April 22, 2024 it was Deb’s first time back at the dog park with her friend Susan (not real name).

The two regularly walk their dogs together. The dog park is a peaceful place where dogs of all sizes can roam free.

The safety of the park was shattered for both women, but both vowed that won’t stop them from coming back.

“I love it – I’m still going to come.”

Their walk on Saturday started off like any other walk – the dogs were playing around the large, fenced in area.

Because the area is fenced in, dogs are normally off-leash.

Deb said a couple came in with their puppy on a leash, and her dog and her friends went over to the puppy.

The dogs were sniffing each other, “like dogs do.”

Deb said the couple started yelling at the two women to get their dogs away from their puppy.

The couple claimed their puppy was being bit by the two dogs.

“They said the dog should have been on a leash and I said, “no.”

The couple repeated what they said and Deb told them to go read the sign stating it was a off-leash park.

Susan said one of them yelled they were going to kick their dogs.

Deb said to the couple, “why don’t you take him into the little spot for the little dogs?”

There is a separate fenced off area for smaller dogs to roam free and be separate from the other dogs.

“They just kept on cursing and swearing at us.”

Deb said to be fair, at that point they were swearing at the couple as well.

Because the situation seemed to be getting more “heated”, Deb and Susan both took a photos of the individuals.

At one point the man came up to Susan, just inches away and put his phone in her face and said, “go ahead touch it – go ahead – go ahead.“

Almost in a threatening manner for her to touch his phone.

“I way trying to talk him down saying this is a nice park, we’re nice people just here to have fun.”

Susan said seconds after, “he came over and took her (Deb’s) phone and threw it over his shoulder onto the concrete pad.”

“I turned around and he started (allegedly) punching her in the head until she fell to the ground.”

“It was bang, bang, bang.”

Deb said the man “grabbed my phone – next thing I know I was getting hit.”

Deb isn’t sure if she was knocked unconscious for a moment and doesn’t remember how many times she was struck.

“After the first one I was down.”

Deb said she was just thinking, “what is wrong with this guy – he’s got anger problems.”

After Deb was knocked to the ground, the man picked up her phone and erased the photos she had taken of him, then gave the phone back to her.

(Fortunately the photos weren’t permanently erased and Deb was able to retrieve the photos).

As the couple were leaving, he dropped his phone on the ground. Most people wouldn’t have batted an eye to tell the person that just struck them that he dropped his phone – not Deb.

“I gave it back to him.”

Susan was on the phone to 9-1-1 and gave a description of the two people along with the type of vehicle and license plate.

Three police cruisers arrived on scene, but initially the officers didn’t get out of their vehicles.

“We waited a couple of minutes, but they didn’t get out of their cars,” said Susan.

Deb and Susan walked to the officers and told them what had happened.

Susan said she couldn’t believe what she witnessed happening to her friend.

“The kid has anger issues like crazy.”

Deb was taken to hospital by paramedics for a CT scan that showed a large haematoma. Although it showed no major injuries, Deb is still recovering the physical injuries and both women will be taking longer to recoverfrom the emotional trauma.

“I’m just shocked,” said Deb.

“We’re friends here – like a little community.”

Word spread over the weekend and as the women arrived for their walk on Monday around 4 p.m., they were greeted by other dog walkers.

Susan was determined to come back in support of her friend.

“This park is absolutely beautiful. Where do you find something so lovely for both the dog and the owners?”

The park is almost like a community of friends with their dogs. That community was shattered by the dastardly assault, but friends came out to welcome both women back, along with their dogs.

With two black-eyes, the smile through Deb’s face shined more than any assault could as Deb greeted by her community of friends.

“It’s overwhelming,”

Today’s Northumberland reached out to Cobourg Police for comment on the investigation and if a suspect has been arrested – they didn’t return the message by press time.

Pete Fisher
Author: Pete Fisher

Has been a photojournalist for over 30-years and have been honoured to win numerous awards for photography and writing over the years. Best selling author for the book Highway of Heroes - True Patriot Love

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