Video – Cobourg Man Praised for Quick Actions After Child Falls Off Dock

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A Cobourg man is being praised for his quick actions after a toddler fell into the water on Thursday, June 20, 2024.

At approximately 5 p.m., 34-year-old Brad Trumper was preparing for a paddle-board class just by the accessibility dock near the boat launch when suddenly a three-year-old boy jumped off the dock and immediately sank to the bottom.

Speaking to Today’s Northumberland near where the incident took place, Cobourg Police Chief Paul VandeGraaf said, “a tragic circumstance was averted,” due to Trumper’s actions.

“A good citizen took it upon themselves to intervene and pulled a young lad out of the water and got him into the hands of the EMS professionals.”

“What could have been a tragic story early in this summer was averted.”

Trumper said he arrived early to set-up for the paddle boarding class and was by the accessibility dock.

There was a small child with his father near where Trumper was along the shoreline.

“Next thing you know, before you knew it, the little guy was on the accessibility dock and into the water.”

“My next move was jumping right into the water and sweep up and try and get him.”

Trumper showed Today’s Northumberland the marks where he picked the child from the bottom beside the dock.

“What went through my head is I started counting, by the time I had him up and doing back-blows on him it was about five to six seconds.”

Shortly after the child was spitting up water.

Trumper made the attempt to call emergency services, but his phone was water-logged and there was no one around.

Trumper ended up giving the father a life jacket for the child thinking the father and child would be leaving.

“I made sure it fit him and adjusted it to him.”

Trumper even told the father to go to the hospital to get his son checked out after the ordeal.

But the father and son stayed and went on the dock by the boat launch. Trumper said he thinks the father wanted to introduce him to water again and swim a bit with him.

“The father and him walked in together and unfortunately something happened – I wasn’t sure, but I heard the kid screaming “help me” so I ran over and picked him up and didn’t let him go.”

“Luckily, we were still there to help them both out at that time.”

Emergency services arrived and the child and the father were taken to hospital and later released.

Trumper said having a child the same age is something that resonated with him and one thing he wants to convey is the importance of wearing a life jacket and have them in reach when near water.

“Make sure that thing fits, it’s situated to the proper poundage and it’s on the kids properly. If you’re just going to put a life jacket on a kid that doesn’t fit, it’s like a helmet that doesn’t fit.”

Trumper said at his cottage even though the water is 300′ away from the cottage as soon as they are outside, the life jacket goes on.

“It’s definitely an eye-opener for me. Make sure you’re an arms reach away and life jackets are on.”

VandeGraaf said, “I want to reiterate how lucky we are to have people in this town who care and step in when they have too,” VandeGraaf said.

The 26-year-old father is charged with Fail to Provide Necessaries of Life, Uttering threats – cause death or bodily harm-spousal and being intoxicated in public place.”

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Author: Pete Fisher

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