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Offering unique 45-60 minute group yoga and fitness fusion classes in an inclusive boutique studio.
Our classes are a mixture of intense cardio and core workouts, strength training, sculpting, and stretching, complimented by deep breathing and relaxation in our state of the art FAR Infrared Heat.

When you walk into an Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Infrared Studio, it feels like you are on the beach!
Eliminates Toxins
Burns More Fat & Calories
Improves Circulation & Skin Tone
Reduces Stress
Speeds Healing of Injuries
Relieves Inflammation & Pain
Improves Flexibility

73 Strathy Rd. Cobourg, ON K9A 5W8

(Levels 1/2/3)*

Hot Candlelight Deep Stretch & Relaxation
This is a calm and serene class that allows you to “let go” of your daily stressors and focus on your inner health and well-being.

Hot Hatha (Level 1/2)
Focusing on the mind-body connection to build strength and flexibility in the body and mind, this is a great class for beginners to build a solid foundation and
for experienced practitioners to retine their practice and knowledge.

Hot Yoga Rise & Shine
Easy like Sunday morning, this class will gently maneuver you into starting your day in the most positive way. It is a mix of sun salutations, balance poses, deep stretches and standing poses with strengthening poses.

Hot Candlelight Yang/Yin
The first half of this class stresses the muscles while the second half stretches your joints, ligaments and tendons in a relaxed environment.

Hot Yoga Freedom Flow
This class starts in Savasana connecting the mind to your breath. Flowing from one pose to another, it takes you through a dynamic style of flow that incorporates multiple postures, twists and transfers. This class helps elongate your muscles while increasing flexibility and strength in the body and mind.

Hot Power Yoga
Incorporating dynamic, strong yoga sequences that will get your heart pumping, this class will help you connect with your inner power; it will challenge you physically, mentally and spiritually. You’ll leave feeling invigorated,

(Levels 1/2/3) *

Hot Fit Flow
This class starts with fitness-based movements to strengthen the body, followed by Vinyasa or Hatha style yoga to stretcn and cool down. It is a great balance of working out and getting the full benefits of yoga.

Hot Tone & Sculpt
Combining high interval training and sculpting with weighted body bars, this class will work your arms, core and legs in completely new ways! build muscle burn calories and lose fat in this highly effective muscle conditioning workout.

Hot Power Core
This class targets your core, focusing on toning the muscles and challenging your fitness level. Derived from the principles of yoga, this popular class will be sure to help improve your posture and core strength.

Hot Yoga & Core
Beginning with yoga and then switching to various styles of fitness to target the core, this class provides the perfect mix if you want to build a strong and sculpted core while getting your flow on.

Hot Fast & Furious
A perfect blend of Pilates exercises and athletic-style yoga, this class helps tone the body and increase your fitness level. It is designed for those who are ready for a challenge! Get ready to feel the burn and melt those toxins away!

Hot ABSolutely Burning Butts
This high intensity, energetic, and fast-paced class focuses on 20 minutes of nonstop exercises that target the abdominal muscles, obliques and back. The last 20 minutes are dedicated to helping create a toned, lifted,

(Levels 1/2/3)*

Hot Barre Fusion
Barre Fusion is a dance style fitness c lass developed to create a long. lean, toned body using our in-studio ballet bar. It incorporates bar work for the lower body, Pilates style core exercises, resistance and endurance training, isometric-based† movements and holds, and guided stretches.

Hot Boxing Fusion
This class uses boxing basics to help you develop and maintain cardiovascular endurance, core strength and agility

It is the perfect outlet for daily stress and is suitable for all fitness levels. No partner needed.

Hot Amazing Arms & Shoulders
Focusing on the upper body only, this class builds strength and definition in your biceps, triceps, back, chest and shoulders. You’ll want to cut the sleeves off your shirts to show off your sexy and sleek arms!

Hot Lean Mean Legs & Butts
This 45-minute class will lift and tone you right where you want..the legs and that beautiful backside. Get ready to sweat and feel the burn. Class will be over before you know it!

Hot 20/20/20
The first 20 minutes will be focused on strength training. using full body movements to target several muscle groups at once. The next 20 minutes will be infused with some fun cardio! Finish off with 20 blissful minutes of stretching to leave you refreshed and ready to take on the week.
Classes are for all fitness levels unless labelled otherwise.

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