MNRF Removes Traps As Bear In Port Hope Has Apparently Moved On

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It appears the bear which may have been residing in Port Hope is gone.

After seven days of no reports of the bear, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry picked up two bear traps in Port Hope on Friday, May 15, 2020.

One trap was at a residence on Jocelyn Street and the other was in the backyard of Rick Trumper on Cumberland Street.

Trumper was one of the first in the area to have the black bear visit his yard.

It tore down the bird feeder and took a drink of water from a dog dish and then the property.

The MNRF decided to place a bear trap at the residence after the bear returned at least two more times. During the next visit the bear damaged a bee hive on Cumberland Street.

But the bear seemed to have moved on to the north where it was spotted in several areas including Silver Crescent, Centennial Drive and Payne Crescent.

MNRF officials decided then to place a second trap behind a residence on Jocelyn Street, but after a week of no sightings it’s believed the bear has moved on.

“As far as we can tell there has been no sightings for at least seven days so he’s either drifted off north to better territory with a less populated area or, we gave it to Cobourg,” said Trumper.

“Either way, our problems are pretty much at an end.”

Trumper has lived in Port Hope for his live and in 60 years he’s never heard of a bear in town.

“There was all sorts of reasons why the bear was here, but typically I think they feel it was hibernating in this area and when they wake up their hungry and the biggest calorie intake is seed.”

In the end, other than a few bear feeders, no one was hurt and the bear is gone.

Trumper said he has nothing but praise for MNRF officials.

“They were very obliging, very easy to deal with. They were really concerned about the animals welfare and the communities welfare.”

For those wondering what was put in the bear trap it consisted of sardines, Tim Horton’s donuts, vanilla, and a natural oil that is supposed to attract the bear.

Today’s Northumberland Captures Images/Video of Bear in Port Hope

Pete Fisher
Author: Pete Fisher

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