Some Pro Palestine Supporters Seem Confused at Rally in Cobourg

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Another protest was held on Saturday, December 30, 2023 in Cobourg demanding a cease fire for the violence taking place in Palestine.

Approximately 20 people, from children to adults stood in front of Victoria Hall starting at 11 a.m. holding signs stating “Ceasefire Now, End Apartheid, Everyone Take a Minute and Know the Home of Jesus was Palestine – Merry Christmas,” among others.

Some children were wearing Christmas attire including a Santa hat while they were protesting in front of Victoria Hall amongst the Christmas decorations adorning town hall.

During the course of the protest, some chanted “cease fire now, free free Palestine, stop  the genocide and from the river to the sea Palestine will be free.”

While Today’s Northumberland walked to the protest a person asked what why I was carrying the camera?

We soon struck up a conversation and he agreed to be interviewed stating he was attending the protest to support a immediate cease fire.

The person was from Warkworth and said he came to Cobourg to visit the mosque on Covert Street and attend the protest.

The person wouldn’t go on camera, but agreed to an audio interviewed.

“The message is – we want a cease fire at the end of the day. Both sides understand that.”

“Whether you’re a Muslim or non-Muslim you don’t want to see babies getting killed and so forth.”

Today’s Northumberland has attended several of the protests in front of Victoria Hall and each time have asked if what Hamas did on October 7 was right.

On October 7, Hamas slaughtered over 1,000 men, women and children, including Canadians after crossing the border into Israel.

One supporter previously told Today’s Northumberland there have been over 20,000 Palestinians killed by Israeli attacks since October 7.

The man who was about to join the protest on Saturday said, “probably not,” when asked if he supported what Hamas did.

“Because Islam strictly forbids killing innocent children.”

But added that he isn’t a “scholar” when it comes to all sides and what happened.

It also seemed the more Today’s Northumberland showed him video of previous protests in front of Victoria Hall and the interactions with protestors, the more he seemed to back off condemning Hamas in the attacks.

Asking again if he condemned Hamas, the man said, “probably.”

“I don’t know the specifics that went on at the event of Hamas. So I’m not sure. I know there is one side of the picture that portrays it as something good and then there is the other side – I’m not as read up on it. So it’s hard for me to give a strong opinion.”

But added, “at the end of the day I’m going to pick what’s morally right.”

The protestor said he did see the short video of Today’s Northumberland that showed a protestor in front of Victoria Hall stating she learned in Canada that sometimes a bit of violence is good.

The post was re-Tweeted 377,000 times.

“Well if someone is trying to kill innocent people what do you have to do in return?”

But later stated he didn’t have an opinion on it.

And stated media shouldn’t ask for strict opinions.

Replaying the woman’s answer, the man stated that Today’s Northumberland referenced the question wrong at the time.

“Maybe it wasn’t referenced to the specific event and she took it as a general statement. And if she took it as a general statement I agree with her, but if it wasn’t – the way you worded it might have caused her to understand it in a different way.”

So, Today’s Northumberland asked the person specifically, “what Hamas did on October 7, do you agree or disagree?”

The man then stated, “I’m not sure what happened on October 7. I don’t know the full details.”

While also showing the person of a protest the previous week in front of Victoria Hall the person pointed out one person who was yelling at Today’s Northumberland.

The man said the protestor was a good friend of his and anything he said was right.

After the interview the protestor wearing a blue coat stood with others on King Street and held a sign stating “End Apartheid,” covering his face for most of the time Today’s Northumberland was there.


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Pete Fisher
Author: Pete Fisher

Has been a photojournalist for over 30-years and have been honoured to win numerous awards for photography and writing over the years. Best selling author for the book Highway of Heroes - True Patriot Love

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