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Today’s Northumberland has read an article by a “guest columnist” in another news publication who raises both good and bad points concerning what is happening in Cobourg and most other places across Canada
One point that we all must agree with is something needs to be done about the crisis concerning homelessness.

After that, the column somewhat falls apart.

The person states, “I look at what’s happening here in our community to people who have no place to live.”

Right off the mark – wrong.

Or at least that last time I checked with the county about housing he’s wrong.

There are, or to be accurate were spaces at the time. I have no doubt there are places for some now.

But having a roof over your head or choosing what type of roof are two vastly different things.

“Neighbours without homes are being pushed further into the margins and bearing the blame for a situation that they didn’t create and isn’t within their power to change,:

The writer doesn’t explain what type of “neighbours” he’s referring to but in some respects he’s right. In others he’s totally wrong.

Not everyone should be put in the same boat given what is happening. But to flat out state “bearing the blame for a situation that they didn’t create and isn’t within their power to change,” is totally wrong and anyone that has lived to see what is happening would know that.

Further the article states, “The framing of people experiencing homelessness as dangerous, violent and “other” is resulting in these neighbours being denied the most basic of human rights,” is a twist on words.

Some people who are homeless are dangerous and violent. Others aren’t. But you can’t categorize an entire group of being one or the other.

The writer mentions Green Wood Coalition. Maybe now it’s time for GWC to speak up and state specifically their accomplishments. GWC has been around for a number of years so surely there would be hundreds of success stories of them helping that “marginalized” people.

For the grants they’ve got over the years it would be something to boast about to cast away any doubt (if there was any) on the success of GWC.

Unfortunately the end paragraph concludes the column with almost a comical statement when it says, “stop feeding the fires of fear and start feeding the fires of love.”

There have been videos of people battling on the street with shovels and I believe even an axe at one point. Numerous times police have been called to the encampment at the former Brookside Youth Centre. Sometimes the “fear” might be the wrong word. Sometimes if the shoe fits…

Ending this column by giving a bit of advice a little things may help.

Raking the leaves at St. Peter’s church where The Warming Hub is situated, might give the public a better idea about giving back.

Appreciate the food given – don’t throw away a cart full.

Be respectful to others including the general public. There is no need for yelling on King Street at night that can be heard from McGill Street to Spring Street.

Housing has to improve.

But it’s hard to help SOME of those people when they believe they are entitled to what everyone else works for.

Pete Fisher
Author: Pete Fisher

Has been a photojournalist for over 30-years and have been honoured to win numerous awards for photography and writing over the years. Best selling author for the book Highway of Heroes - True Patriot Love

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