Editorial – Where Are the Municipal and Provincial Police in Northumberland County?

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Very few press releases were issued regarding Easter weekend from the three police services in Northumberland County on Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

From that we can conclude police during the time period of Friday, March 29 until Tuesday, April 2 police did little to nothing and the taxpayers aren’t getting their monies worth from every service in the County including Cobourg Police, Port Hope Police and Northumberland OPP.

Of course, we know police were busy over the weekend. Today’s Northumberland covered some of what took place.

But the taxpayer aren’t getting what they deserve when it comes to information from all three services.

In fact – it’s embarrassing.

It’s embarrassing for the hard work that each officer put in over the weekend day and night.

Port Hope is the only service that may not have a full-time media person. But Northumberland OPP and Cobourg Police do and there is absolutely no excuse there shouldn’t have been more releases issued in a timely fashion on Tuesday, April 2.

In fact, the first one was issued by Cobourg Police shortly after 2 p.m. which means it certainly wasn’t a priority to inform the public what happened this Easter weekend.

There isn’t the amount of media around like there used to be and we all know that.

But that doesn’t mean that media officers shouldn’t be accountable.

For example, since the State of Emergency issued by the Belleville Police Service, Today’s Northumberland has received daily press releases.

Belleville Police Service should be a template on how to deliver a press release to every police service.

It tells the number of incidents and the most serious calls that have taken place.

Over the weekend in Cobourg a OPP Forensic Identification van was in downtown Cobourg – should residents be concerned?

Today’s Northumberland learned about another incident that took place shortly after 6 p.m. on March 31 in Cobourg at the encampment in the east end of town.

This press release came out shortly after 2 p.m. on Tuesday.

The release was a bit confusing the way it was worded, but stated that a 66-year-old man went onto the (encampment) property with a vehicle, then exited the vehicle with an axe. Shortly after the person engaged in a argument with another individual over alleged stolen property.

The man allegedly swung the axe at the individual then got back in his vehicle and drove towards the person.

“At some point during the altercation, the individual obtained a bat and swung it toward the vehicle.”

There were no injuries, but the 66-year-old Cobourg man was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and dangerous operation.

Today’s Northumberland was told that it’s possible a number of encampment residents threw items at the suspects vehicle during some point. E-mailing the communications officer at 3:03 p.m. we are still waiting for a response to confirm or deny at 7:45 p.m.

Aside from that question, the release itself states that, “the individual obtained a bat and swung it toward the vehicle,” but mentions that person wasn’t charged.

The press release doesn’t state the investigation is ongoing, so is it concluded?

If encampment residents did throw items at the suspects, why wouldn’t police state that in the press release or that the investigation is continuing?

People are fed up with the encampment, but if police are omitting items from a press released that is supposed to be strictly based on facts, it becomes a issue of credibility now for police.Did they omit the part about the encampment residents for a reason?

And why hasn’t the media officer e-mailed back?

Today’s Northumberland have also been informed there are significant calls that may not get released at all.
Regarding Northumberland OPP – it’s a similar story.

There was a tragic collision on Thursday evening that claimed the lives of three local people. Two others were taken to hospital.

Has there been any update on the investigation.

Are police looking into weather, alcohol or other factors?

That wasn’t the only incident.

On Sunday there were reports of a vehicle travelling in the westbound in the eastbound lanes of Highway 401, just west of Cobourg.

What was the result of that?

Another serious incident was reported at Ultramar on County Road 28 on Sunday afternoon.

Neither of these or other incidents have been reported leaving the general public in the dark – again.

Communications with all three services must get better – at this point it’s difficult to think it could get worse.

Pete Fisher
Author: Pete Fisher

Has been a photojournalist for over 30-years and have been honoured to win numerous awards for photography and writing over the years. Best selling author for the book Highway of Heroes - True Patriot Love

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