Editorial – Loud Bangs, Fireworks, or Shots All Need to Be Taken Seriously

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Cobourg Police confirmed that what was reported as gunshots turned out to be fireworks which is the good news.

The part that is becoming more worrisome is the way the news is delivered to the public by the police.

From the first press release it was evident police were trying to downplay the report.

Police stated in the release there had reports of gunshots heard in the area of King Street East and Cottesmore Street in Cobourg.

The release stated that officers who were actively conducting “dynamic” patrols in the area didn’t hear anything that sounded consistent with gunshots.

Police advised the public avoid the area until further notice and asked if anyone had any information to contact police.

Today’s Northumberland interviewed one of the main witnesses to the incident who stated she saw a black pickup in the middle of Cottesmore Avenue heading north when she heard two loud bangs that sounded like gunshots coming from the passenger window being fired in the direction of the encampment.

The woman said she saw smoke coming from the cab and shortly after it proceeded north on Cottesmore Avenue.

She called 9-1-1 immediately and police arrived and searched the area but found nothing.

Video from the school provided an explanation that lead to finding out what had happened.

But in the time between that, those precious minutes – was a lockdown put in place for the schools in the area?

Stating in the release that officers were in the area “conducting dynamic patrols” and did not hear anything.


Others did. It wasn’t only from the three witnesses. Others in the area heard the loud bangs. But why put in that the dynamic patrol didn’t hear it. It almost looks like they are discrediting the person that called 9-1-1.

CCI Vice Principal James Patenall also issued a notice to parents stating, “there were a couple of loud bangs,” but police were investigating and everything was well in Camelot.

But again, why no lockdown – even temporarily?

And the word/s of the week seems to be “dynamic patrols.”

Not sure who came up with the phrase, but it’s wearing out fast.

In the final release it doesn’t state that the fireworks were discharged from the pickup truck.

But by what the witness stated they were.

If police have determined that it wasn’t gunshots that came from the pickup and that it was fireworks – it’s still extremely dangerous.

Will there be charges?

And they latest press release about the “dynamic patrols” again is getting a bit redundant.

It’s great that police are out patrolling the streets and keeping them as safe as they can possibly do with the officers that they have.

But unless they’ve recovered another six bikes, it’s getting a bit repeititive.

Call them dynamic patrols, or whatever you wish, but just being out there keeping citizens safe and patrolling the streets is good enough.

It’s not because of the “dynamic patrols,” that 70 proactive patrols, two warrants were executed and police recovered six bicycles and a generator, it’s because they are police officers doing their duty for the citizens they serve.

Pete Fisher
Author: Pete Fisher

Has been a photojournalist for over 30-years and have been honoured to win numerous awards for photography and writing over the years. Best selling author for the book Highway of Heroes - True Patriot Love

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