Cobourg Police Service Test Battenburg-Patterned Cruiser to Increase Visibility

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The Cobourg Police Service (CPS) has launched a high visibility cruiser pilot to increase visibility, approachability, and safety in the Town of Cobourg.

As part of the CPS Downtown Action Plan and in alignment with the strategic priorities to enhance road safety, and increase police visibility and approachability throughout the community, CPS has launched a new test design for the Service cruisers.

One existing cruiser has been updated with a full-Battenburg or checkerboard design. It will be operational throughout the community beginning next week. Uniformed police officers will use the test vehicle throughout the day and night shift.

The Battenburg pattern was created in the United Kingdom (UK) to enhance visibility and recognition of police vehicles at a distance. This can help enhance officer and public safety by reducing the likelihood of collisions, as well as encouraging motorists to drive more carefully when police have a visible presence. Higher police visibility has the potential to reduce or prevent opportunities to commit crimes.

“The cruisers are an extension of the police service and are the most visible representation of the service as they move around the community. The design is about the perception and increased visibility of the car, and how that impacts our relationship with our community members. The introduction of the Battenburg, along with conspicuous components such as retro reflective markings, all contribute to making the vehicle highly visible, and quickly recognizable in the community. We are no longer trying to blend in and are actively looking to stand out. We look forward to feedback from the community on the pilot design.” – Chief Paul VandeGraaf, Cobourg Police Service

The new CPS vehicle design will be tested for a period of 12 months. During the pilot period, there will be an opportunity for members and the public to provide input.

Watch for the CPS Hi-Visibility Cruiser out and about in the Town of Cobourg! For more information, visit The cruiser will be available for the public to experience at the next Cram-A-Cruiser scheduled on Saturday, October 28, 2023, at Foodland in Cobourg.

About the Design
One existing cruiser has been updated with a full-Battenburg checkerboard design for improved visibility. This design incorporates blue and lime-green/yellow, which is the most visible colour from a distance.

Retroreflective fluorescent markings on the cars are shown to be extremely effective at increasing visibility based on Canadian research regarding transport trucks, and UK research on emergency vehicles. A full white retro-reflective outline can be seen from 601 meters (approx. 2000 ft) away in clear conditions, 333 meters in snow, and 284 meters in rain.

An adaptive and trusted community partner in protecting the safety, security, and quality of life in the Town of Cobourg.

The design is focused on the side of the vehicle, making it more noticeable to motorists passing by and reducing side-impact collisions. It offers strengthened visibility from further distances and even in rain or snow.

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