Issues Concerning Release of Information By Cobourg Police

Editorial – More issues concerning the release of information from the Cobourg Police – or lack thereof.
A number of people have approached Today’s Northumberland concerning issues dealing with the lack of release from the police service.
In January, Today’s Northumberland was informed of a abandoned stolen car that had been towed to a secure compound in Cobourg. A firearm was located inside the vehicle and apparently seized. “Apparently” because police aren’t saying anything about it. Further to that, the vehicle was apparently stolen from the compound later that night/morning.
Looking back over previous releases, there are mentions of a few vehicles being stolen in January and recovered, but nothing involving a firearm.
Asking Staff Sgt. Brent Allison about the occurrence Allison e-mailed, stating it’s still an active investigation.
“Once the investigation is complete further information will be forthcoming.”
But was the firearm seized by police, or did the owner state a firearm was inside the vehicle?
Was the vehicle held for forensic examination in a proper facility?
Was it properly searched?
Could there have been anything else inside the vehicle that would make a person want to break-in to a secure compound to steal a stolen vehicle – again?
Another issue involves the misinformation that Cobourg Police released was about a fraud that happened on January 25 at Walmart in Cobourg where a man was scammed out of $1,600.
The press release states, “Police responded to a fraud at a business address on Strathy Rd. Upon arrival police spoke with the complainant who advised that someone took his debit card and had already made $1500 withdrawal. Further investigation to follow.”
But there has been no information since – none. At least from Cobourg Police.
Today’s Northumberland has asked several times for photos of the suspects to publicize in hopes of identifying them and/or warning stores and potential victims.
With potential photos/videos available at both Walmart and the bank where the transactions were completed there would be ample photos of the suspects.
But on Thursday, February 7, 2019, Durham Police stated they are looking for suspects that may be the same ones responsible for the fraud in Cobourg. The only difference – Durham Police released images. Even the Durham Police press release indicates the suspects may be the same ones from the Cobourg incident.
As of Monday, February 11, Cobourg Police has yet to release photos or an update about the investigation unlike it’s counterpart to the west.
It is incumbent of police to keep citizens informed in a timely matter. If they can’t do that, what’s the point in having them at all? Maybe another service would be more appropriate for the community.
In the release issued by Cobourg Police it also states police responded to the fraud call at Walmart and spoke with the complainant, but actually it was the victim who went to police.
The victim called police while he was on his way to his financial institution to cancel the debit card. He was told by police to attend the Cobourg Police Station on King Street after the card was cancelled which he did.
In fact, the 59-year-old victim waited for approximately two hours at the Cobourg police station for a report to be taken, only to be told to return the next day.
The saga continues.


Breaking News – Durham Police – Surveillance Images of Distraction Theft Suspects Possibly Connected to Cobourg Incident

Author: Pete Fisher

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